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Walhout, Marian A.J.
Handbook of systems biology ; concepts and insights (e-book)ONLINE
Amsterdam : Elsever 2013

Indraratna, Buddhima
Ground improvement case histories : chemical, electrokinetic, thermal and bioengineering methods (e-book)
Oxford : Elsevier 2015

Indraratna, Buddhima
Ground improvement case histories : embankments with special reference to consolidation and other physical methods (e-book)
Oxford : Elsevier 2015

Zoback, Mark D.
Reservoir geomechanics (e-book)ONLINE
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press 2009

Jones, Philip H.
Optical tweezers : principles and applications (e-book)ONLINE
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press 2015

Moene, Arnold F,
Transport in the atmosphere-vegetation-soil continuum (e-book)ONLINE
New York : Cambridge University Press 2014

Coleman, Piers
Introduction to many-body physics (e-book)ONLINE
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press 2015

Bhagat, Ganguly Varsha
Land rights in India : Policies, movements and challenges (e-book)ONLINE
Routledge : Taylor and Francis 2016

Naidu, Ravi
Permeable reactive barrier : sustainable groundwater remediation (e-book)ONLINE
Boca Raton : CRC Press 2014

Roy, Samit
Computational modeling of polymer composites : a study of creep and environmental effects (e-book)ONLINE
Boston : CRC Press 2013

Fellows, P.J.
Food processing technology : principles and practice (e-book) , 3rd ed
Cambridge : Woodhead Publishing 2009

Kagan, Jacques
Organic photochemistry : principles and applications (e-book)ONLINE
London : Academic Press 1993

Lehr, Roland E.
Orbital symmetry : a problem solving approach (e-book)ONLINE
New York : Academic Press 1972

Woodward, R.B.
Conservation of orbital symmetry (e-book)ONLINE
Academic Press/Elseiver 1970

Huang, Shin-Che
Advances in asphalt materials : road and pavement construction (e-book)ONLINE
Cambridge : Woodhead Publishing 2015

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