16/04/2018 To 22/04/2018

Theses and Dissertations

Theses and Dissertations

043:628.53:301.36 Maj
Maji, Kamal Jyoti
                   Development of monitoring network and quantitative assessment of health risk burden due to air quality in urban region (R)
                   Mumbai : IIT, 2018
                   xvi,199 p. ; 30 cm
                   Ph.D. (EV), Dikshit, A.K. and Deshpande, A.W.

043:621.355:620.91 Upp
Uppada, Aswani
                   Automated power optimization protocols for integrated solar photo voltaic canopy on submerged platforms (R)
                   Mumbai : IIT, 2018
                   xvii,146 p. ; 30 cm
                   Ph.D. (EE), Duttagupta, Siddhartha P. and Eldho, T.I.

043:577.1:547.96 Mal
Malik, Nikita Vinay
                   Implications of conformational dynamics of CENP-A Cse4 on centromeric organization (R)
                   Mumbai : IIT, 2018
                   xviii,170 p. ; 30 cm
                   Ph.D. (BS), Ashutosh Kumar

043:338.922(547.1) Sin
Singh, Archana
                   Agrarian crisis and farmers' suicides in India : with special reference to Yavatmal district, Maharashtra (R)
                   Mumbai : IIT, 2017
                   xx,360 p. ; 30 cm
                   Ph.D. (HSS), Trivedi, Pushpa

043:551.495:518.6 Maj
Majumder, Partha
                   Simulation-optimization models based on analytic element method, random walk particle tracking and cat swarm optimization for groundwater management and remediation (R)
                   Mumbai : IIT, 2018
                   xix,251 p. ; 30 cm
                   Ph.D. (CE), Eldho, T.I.