23/04/2018 To 29/04/2018

Theses and Dissertations

Theses and Dissertations

043:656.14 Dar
Darshana, O.
                   Modeling user perceived level of service and delay at signalized intersection under heterogeneous traffic condition (R)
                   Mumbai : IIT, 2018
                   xiv,168 p. ; 30 cm
                   Ph.D. (CE), Krishna Rao, K.V.

043:537.311.33:530.145 Bos
Bose, Arnab
                   Spin-torques driven by spin-orbit interaction and thermal gradient (R)
                   Mumbai : IIT, 2018
                   xiv,103 p. ; 30 cm
                   Ph.D. (EE), Tulapurkar, Ashwin A.

043:551.583:519.28(540) Pat
Patil, Nitin Umakant
                   Aerosol influences on cloud properties and rainfall processes in the South Asian monsoon region : observational and GCM modelling studies (R)
                   Mumbai : IIT, 2018
                   xiv,94 p. ; 30 cm
                   Ph.D. (CM), Venkataraman, Chandra and Ghosh, Subimal

043:66.096.5 Kor
Koralkar, Naval Vishwanath
                   CFD-DEM simulation to study the effect of drag models on the bubbling fluidized beds (R)
                   Mumbai : IIT, 2018
                   xxi,231 p. ; 30 cm
                   Ph.D. (EN), Bose, Manaswita

043:624.073:620.178.3 Pun
Punera, Devesh
                   Refined Thermo-Mechanical stress and free vibration analyses of laminated and functionally graded sandwich plates and shells (R)
                   Mumbai : IIT, 2018
                   xvi,262 p. ; 30 cm
                   Ph.D. (CE), Desai, Yogesh M. and Kant, Tarun

043:621.355:620.91 Kha
Khatavkar, Sanchit S.
                   Electrical and optical characterization of silicon heterojunction solar cells (R)
                   Mumbai : IIT, 2018
                   xvii,170 p. ; 30 cm
                   Ph.D. (EE), Nair, Pradeep R. and Arora, B.M.

043:621.791.75:518.6 Paw
Pawar, Sumedh Pundlik
                   Multiphysics modelling and simulations of Arc-Formation during welding and inside a nozzle of a SF6 gas circuit breaker (R)
                   Mumbai : IIT, 2017
                   xxii,303 p. ; 30 cm
                   Ph.D. (ME), Sharma, Atul and Paramane, Sachin

043:620.168:620.178.3 Hir
Hiremath, Chandrashekhar P.
                   Microstructural damage and property evolution under cyclic loading of fiber reinforced polymer composites (R)
                   Mumbai : IIT, 2018
                   xviii,144 p. ; 30 cm
                   Ph.D. (ME), Tewari, Asim and Guha, Anirban

043:620.168.3:546.26 Sha
Sharu, B.K.
                   Investigations of highly concentrated emulsions incorporating Multi-walled carbon nanotubes (R)
                   Mumbai : IIT, 2017
                   xxiv,178 p. ; 30 cm
                   Ph.D. (MT), Bhattacharyya, Arup R.

043:550.34(548.4) Jin
Jindal, Nidhi
                   Analytical velocity modeling for Time-Depth conversion for offshore East coast of India (R)
                   Mumbai : IIT, 2018
                   xvii,143 p. ; 30 cm
                   Ph.D. (ES), Singh, K.H.