Librarian’s Day Celebration- 12th August,2016

The Librarian’s Day 2016 was celebrated on 12th August, 2016 on the 124th birth anniversary of Dr. S. R. Ranganathan, the father of Library Science in India for the first time in the Central Library, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. The following dignitaries were present on this auspicious day …

Padma Shri Prof. D. B. Phatak, Computer Science and Engineering : Chief Guest
Prof. R. K. Malik, Chemical Engineering Department : Keynote Speaker
Prof. V.M. Gadre, Electrical Engineering Department : Guest of Honour
Prof. Avinash Mahajan, Physics Department : Guest of Honour
Prof. Haripriya G.S.,Humanities and Social Sciences Department : Guest of Honour
Prof. G. K. Srinivasan, Mathematics Department : Guest of Honour

Along with the Library staff and library professionals, several other invited dignitaries from the Institute participated in this celebration and encouraged the library professionals with their word of inspiration.

In his key note address, Prof. Malik highlighted on the important role of the Library staff and Library Professionals in making the library an excellent abode of knowledge. His inspiring words that “Library is the sanctum sanctorum of knowledge” was well received by the audience. While recalling the early days of Central Library of IIT Bombay, Prof. Malik reviewed the transformation of this library from a traditional library to a digital library. His suggestion to develop a local portal involving publications and research carried out by IIT Bombay faculty and students on the line of Google Scholar would be a great contribution of the Central Library in the days ahead. He also emphasized the importance and requirement of reading halls, the ambiance a library provides in pursuit of knowledge to a student/researcher which s/he may not get in her/his hostel. Further he appreciated role of a library professional in making the ambience needed to the library users and also inspired them to innovate and improve their individual role where they can contribute in making an excellent library.

Prof. Phatak in his address emphasized the role of digital library comprising of digital resources, e-books, e-journals, e-databases, e-resources, scanned archival etc.. His words and suggestions that a Library can reach out of their boundaries to one and all through their respective digital resources and can serve the society better than the past. He also talked about a project currently undergoing for creation of metadata and strength of its reaching out to lakhs and lakhs of users, students and teachers towards training in teaching and research through digital library. His emphasis was on the future of Library where the digital resources will replace the traditional library. However, he admitted that the digital library can not fully eradicate the role and importance of the traditional library and its reading hall facilities and ambiances.

The other dignitaries remembered the growth of IIT Bombay Central Library in the course of time and shared their experiences. A video of their respective talk is linked herewith……

The enthusiasm of IIT Bombay Library Staff(on roll and retired) in celebrating the Librarian’s Day for the first time in IIT Bombay was worth seeing. Instead of words let the pictures speak …Link

A flair on Dr. S. R. Ranganathan , which was shared with the audience during the celebration of Librarian’s Day on 12th August 2016 at Central Library IITBombay is also enclosed. Download PDF

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